What is an inteligent suitcase ?

Intelligent suitcase can communicate with your smart phone and share its weight and position. Self-locking system with NFC technology help your baggage security everywhere. It can see you through its 3D vision sensor and follow you when you are walking. Nimble move using two-wheel self-balancing active locomotion system help you to be faster and also It can be a scooter-case and able to carry you. It is your personal robotic companion during the travel and Olive is the world's first intelligent suitcase.

I'm your travel companion

This is the only suitcase in the world that able to follow you autonomously, even if in crowded situation

and this is the most beautiful but simple suitcase you need for you comfort in travel

I can follow you autonomously

Olive is equipted with advanced 3D camera

This is the only suitcase in the world that able to follow you autonomously, even if in crowded situation

With this novel approach we can successfully follow the certain target even in occlusions or target lost situations. We don’t use any classification methods directly so we don’t need any training data before robot operation and robot can perform the follow task autonomously exactly after the first skeleton is tracked by skeleton tracker. Here the link for our last paper in IEEE which is describes the detail of this algorithm for human tracking.

High Technology is my inside

I'm from high technology, novel structure and creative design

Real-Time Protection/ Distance Alarm

Your baggage will alert you if you ever leave it behind.

Wireless Connection

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication with your phone or smart watch

Location Tracking

Olive combines GPS and 3G/4G technology to track your suitcase anywhere in the world.

Lock/Unlock with NFC Technology

Use your smart watch or your NFC ring to unlock or lock your baggage.

Charge Your Devices

The 10.000 mAh battery can charge your phone and other devices everywhere.

Built-in Scale

Just run the app, and the app will tell you the exact weight of your suitcase.

Olive is more than more

Safety, facility and reliability is our Priority

Not only all the parts designed very small, compact and light-weight, but it also beautiful and powerful

Our Team

Olive Robotics is a technology company/group that develops and produces smart personal products, starting with an intelligent suitcase which communicates with a smartphone app. Olive Robotics is focusing on project for a travel product at that time. Olive Robotics was founded by entrepreneurs Hamid Anbari, Mojtaba Karimi, Edwin Babaians and Mohsen Banijamali, who after designing and developing more than 20 different service mobile robots, decided to create a new kind of intelligent suitcase. They incorporated technologies in computing and robotics, sensors and the Internet of Things, enlisting industrial designers, aerospace engineers and operations experts to help build the product and company.

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We are a team of passionate individuals with backgrounds in engineering, marketing and design. Great idea, talent and hard work are a recipe for success, and our team has all three. We have several experiences in industrial and service robotic systems in IKAP Lab since Jul 2007. We have created a state of the art Olive robotic suitcase which is one of the substantial equipment in people's lives. We are currently looking for new opportunities for investment and collaboration for our products development and manufacturing. We would invite any interested angel investors to contact us now!

We are also accepting sponsors that would be interested in advertising their brand through our products

NO.10, Elites Center Pardis Technology Park 15 kilometers of Damavand Road Tehran,Iran

P.BOX. 1657163871


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